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Who we are

Stévialite team started working on a variety of stevia 17 years ago. After much research on the cultivation and processing of the leaf, we have obtained an ideal plant to produce a sweetener containing a maximum of re-ebaudiosides A, D and M while removing the taste of liquorice and any bitterness.

After years of research and development, we were able to create the company STEVIALITE and we decided to set up our plant in Colombia as close as possible to the plantations, in order to guarantee a regular supply of sheets in quality and quantity (no break in production throughout the year). This choice to locate in Colombia is part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our plant complies with international standards of good manufacturing practice and, of course, the health regulations in force.

Our variety and processes of cultivation, harvesting and drying are the result of internal studies.

Our stevia is unique on the market and we only use the leaf of our variety «Stevialite» in our processing plant.

Its absence of bitter retro flavour and lack of licorice flavour allows us to obtain a concentrated finished product that differs from the world supply currently on the market.

Our product «Rébauvia» is the result of 8 years of laboratory research guaranteeing optimum quality. It complies with the specifications of agri-food manufacturers looking for a 100% natural sweetener, without aftertaste of liquorice or bitterness obtained without solvents.

This solution allows the Rebauvia to be incorporated in large quantities into your preparations without altering the final taste.

Our manufacturing process is 100% natural guaranteed without the addition of chemicals (neither solvents nor resins, …).

We ship the “Rebauvia” by boat or plane throughout the year around the world.


Yannick Fonteneau

General Manager

After more than 20 years of experience in the creation and corporate strategy with a great mastery of the competitive environment, Yannick has taken over the general management of the STEVIALITE group in France and Colombia. The objective of STEVIALITE FRANCE is to conquer new markets thanks to our COLOMBIAN subsidiary which meets the highest quality requirements of the market.

Yann Andrieux

Business Manager

After having worked in Africa, Latin America and France at AXA Bank, Yann moved to Colombia and embarked on the culture of Stevia in collaboration with Henry LLANO (stevia culture specialist for over 17 years in Colombia).For seven years now, Yann has devoted all his energy and know-how to setting up a processing plant close to Colombian farmers.

Philippe Sellier

Marketing Manager

After more than 30 years of experience in managing companies in the coffee, services and industry sector, Philippe supports various companies in their strategic development, Fundraising and marketing in the Africa area for 7 years now. He joined the STEVIALITE team a year and a half ago to support them in marketing and development.

Henry Llano

Purchasing manager

Director of an agricultural cooperative and expert in stevia cultivation for 17 years, Henry has developed a variety and cultivation techniques to produce a plant naturally rich in rebaudiosides A, D and M. He has already trained about 50 farmers and is still training new ones to ensure the quality and regularity of the supply of our plant throughout the year. He has now joined the STEVIALITE team and is the guarantor of the quality of the leaf.

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Our factory in Colombia

Our stevia plantations in Colombia