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Our sweetener “Rebauvia” is intended for industrialists looking for a solution naturally rich in A,D or M rebaudioside in order to obtain the purest product possible and especially without any aftertaste of licorice.

The Rebauvia is particularly suitable for:

the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

The agri-food industry

confectioners, glaciers, pastry makers, bakers, sauces manufacturers, chocolatiers, industrial caterers.

For food and beverages laboratories

Food supplement manufacturers

Beverages manufacturers

fruit juice, sodas, flavoured water ....

Industrialists recommend us because:

We are committed to supplying you throughout the year

(reciprocity contract signature with price guarantee of quality volume)

High quality stevia variety

More than 70% rebaudiosides rate

No seasonality, monthly and bi-monthly supply

throughout the year

Production control in Colombia

Production next to stevia plantations

Guarantee quality our sweetener "Rebauvia"

Certified Label (Practices Agricultural Good and Practices Manufacturing Good)

Worldwide shipping

Control of supply of stevia leaves in Colombia

through our own crops and agreements with local producers in Colombia

Mastery of the cultivation and processing process for 17 years

An experts team for 17 years in Colombia