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Yes, 20~100g free sample is available, but the transportation costs will be at your expense and deducted from your future purchase.

By DHL Express, by plane or by boat.

The supply of our plant is provided by our Purchasing Director, who has also been the specialist in stevia in Colombia for 17 years. It provides training for our partner farmers and is the guarantor of the quality of the stevia sheet throughout the year.

Our plant meets the highest quality requirements (GMP) and each batch shipped is tested in our laboratory in accordance with the applicable international standards.

Each finished product shall be accompanied by a chemical analysis certificate corresponding to the batch produced.

  • Company 100% French.
  • We are committed to supplying you throughout the year (signing a reciprocal contract with guaranteed price, volume and quality)
  • Mastery of production in Colombia thanks to our factory integrated with our holding company STEVIALITE France
  • Controlling the supply of stevia leaves in Colombia through our own crops and agreements with local producers in Colombia
  • Variety of stevia of very high quality (ratio of baudiosides greater than 70%)
  • Mastery of the cultivation and processing process for 17 years
  • Quality guarantee of our sweetener «Rebuilding» Certified label (Good Agricultural and Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • No seasonality, monthly and bi-monthly supply throughout the year
  • Shipping around the world
  • A team of experts for 17 years in Colombia
  • Food industry (confectioners, glaciers, pastry makers, bakers,
  • Sauce makers, chocolate makers, industrial caterers etc.)
  • Beverage manufacturers (fruit juice, sodas, flavoured water, etc.)
  • Food and Beverage Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

A natural sweetener respects the extraction process without any addition of chemicals throughout its manufacturing process, unlike the artificial sweetener, which undergoes processing and addition of chemicals to achieve a quality acceptable to users.

Stevia is a plant whose main quality is its very important sweetening power without the disadvantages of sugar. The leaves of the stevia plant are harvested, dried, then the sweet components of the plant are extracted and purified according to the sanitary standards of the food industry.Stevia can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar and can be used to keep the sweet taste in foods and beverages free of calories and safe for diabetics.

Our «Rébauvia» sweetener guarantees an optimum quality respecting the specifications of manufacturers looking for a 100% natural sweetener, without aftertaste of liquorice or bitterness. With its qualities The «Rebuilvia» can be introduced in large quantities in your preparations without altering the final taste. Our 100% natural manufacturing process is guaranteed without the addition of chemicals (neither solvents nor resins, …).

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