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  • French group producer and processor stevia in Colombia

    100% natural process without pesticide residues

  • 100% natural sweetener for manufacturers

    The "Rebauvia" of Stevialite

  • Plant in Colombia to GPM standards

    Without licorice taste and without retro-flavor

  • Water extraction process

    Without chemical solvents and 100% organic

  • Stevia cultivation without pesticides

    Natural Rebaudioside manufacturing A,D and M


For more than 17 years, our team has been able to select and cultivate a variety of stevia containing, naturally and in large quantities, Rebaudioside A, D and M (rebaudioside level greater than 70%). This selection and know-how has allowed us to train more than fifty farmers in good organic farming practices to supply our processing plant in Colombia with great regularity. Our variety "Stevialite" meets the highest quality requirements to make a 100% natural sweetener with no licorice aftertaste and no pesticide residues.

Our crops in Colombia

Stevialite has chosen to establish itself in Colombia to benefit from a know-how of more than 17 years on the cultivation of stevia. Our crop manager Henry Llano has developed a variety and a working methodology to ensure optimum leaf quality. With this approach, we guarantee the quality and supply of dry leaves without breaking for a year-round production. At the heart of our crops and our farmers, our factory benefits from an optimal environment to ensure a quality of finished product guaranteed without pesticide residues. The variety "STEVIALITE" is naturally rich in rebaudiosides A, D and M producing without solvent.

What is stevia

Stevia is an intense sweet-tasting plant used to soften drinks and make tea since the 16th century. The plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil, but is also grown in Japan and China. It is used as a non-nutritive sweetener and as a herbal supplement. A non-nutritive sweetener is a sweetener containing little or no calories. Stevia is used as a healthy alternative to adding sugar to many foods and beverages. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the marketing of stevia as a food additive in 1987. Stevia regained its status as a sweet and sustainable food ingredient in 1995.

Our production

After 5 years of applied research, we have developed the process-industrial STEVIALITE that allows to produce the "REBAUVIA". Our 100% natural Stevia sweetener obtained thanks to a 100% organic process with natural extraction with water without any chemical solvent. REBAUVIA is guaranteed without pesticide residues or liquorice aftertaste. It can be used in large quantities in your compositions without altering the taste of your preparations. Our factory is located in Colombia in order to be closer to our plantations and especially to be able to guarantee a sheet quality meeting the highest quality requirements without the risk of a break in supply throughout the year.


A 100% natural sweetener of stevia for industrialists. The "Rebauvia" of Stevialite

Our factory

Located in Colombia in Pereira in the Risaralda department (coffee capital), our factory is at the heart of our crops for the optimization of the manufacturing process. This new production unit meets the latest quality standards and good manufacturing practices (BPM Certification).

Our vision

A solid strategy, with ambitions and strong values that are part of a global performance, combining economic, social and environmental aspects. “In the STEVIALITE Group, we think all our decisions in line with our values and our strategy.

Our market

Our sweetener “Rebauvia” is aimed at manufacturers looking for a natural sweetener naturally containing rebaudioside A, D and M. Le Rébauvia is particularly suitable for: The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry – Manufacturers of food supplements – Laboratories for the food and beverages – The food industry – Beverage manufacturers

Our sweetener

For our industrial partners, we have developed a high quality sweetener without bitterness or retro-flavor that goes perfectly with your recipes. It does not alter the taste, even in significant proportions. Steivialite’s “Rebauvia” meets the highest quality, biological and sanitary requirements. “The Rebauvia” is the result of 8 years of research.

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How can stevia help control blood sugar? A growing number of people are opting for healthier alternatives to sugar, and stevia has become a popular choice, especially for people with diabetes. Studies have suggested that the natural calorie-free sweetener can help control blood glucose, although the exact way it does this has not been clear until […]

Stevia revolutionizes sugar

Stevia revolutionizes sugar You know aspartame, the sweetener used by the food industry to replace sugar. In 2009, France authorised stevia from which a natural sweetener is extracted. Without calorie, sweeter than sugar, the stevia revolution is on the way. Sugar consumption is satisfied with 2 types of sweetening products: Loading carbohydrates: first, sugar (sucrose) and also […]

Stevia, a solution to reduce sugar consumption?

Stevia, a solution to reduce sugar consumption? The stevia is a plant of South America used for a very long time by the inhabitants of this continent as natural sweetener. His sweetening power is from 200 to 300 times superior in that of the sugar for a calorie no value. The French Agency of sanitary safety […]

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Control of production in Colombia thanks to our integrated plant at our holding STEVIALITE France

Control of the supply of the stevia leaves in Colombia thanks to our own cultures and the agreements signed with the local producers in Colombia, variety is stevia of very high quality (rate of rebaudiosides higher than 70%)

Control of the process of cultivation and transformation for 17 years, guaranteed quality of our sweetener "Rébauvia" Certified label (Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices)

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